Las Vegas is known worldwide for its glitz, glamour and gambling. But not many people know that its smaller neighborhoods off The Strip offer hidden gems if you’re looking to become a resident of Las Vegas. Whether you’re retired or have a young family, Las Vegas offers some of the best neighborhoods in the country to call home.

City of Henderson

Henderson is only 15 minutes away from The Strip but it’s home to a tame and quiet residential community. It was named as one of the best and safest cities to live in by Bloomberg News, Forbes, and even the FBI. The City of Henderson’s extremely low crime rate puts this city in the top 10 safest places in America.


Southwest Las Vegas has a smaller population that makes it a more residential area. The houses in Southwest boast much larger backyards and property space. It’s also 15 minutes away from The Strip, and Southwest also features a lower crime rate. The cost of living is actually lower in Southwest versus other parts of Nevada, if cost is a concern. Young couples, individuals and families tend to take residence in Southwest.

Spring Valley

Spring Valley is located 2 miles off The Strip, perfect for those who still want to be near the excitement of Las Vegas. Spring Valley is popular for young families to raise children in thanks to its very low crime rate and access to various local schools. There are also many recreational activities available in this neighborhood such as shopping malls and large parks.


Summerlin is divided into North and Southern Summerlin. It’s one of the newest neighborhoods of Las Vegas with affordable housing to purchase. There are many gated communities with private security if you are looking for very secure housing. Summerlin is also conveniently located near beautiful spots including Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon. These recreational areas offer lots of opportunities for outdoor fun.

Rancho Charleston

Rancho Charleston is a charming neighborhood and smaller than most in the Las Vegas area. It’s also one of the most affordable places thanks to the lower cost of living here. Rancho is quiet thanks to the low crime rates. Raising a family is also ideal in Rancho because of the schools here. Rancho is known for its friendly neighbors who know each other, as well as many restaurants, recreational activities, and higher-paying employment opportunities.

There are many options when choosing a location to call home in Las Vegas. Even though Las Vegas has the reputation for fun and late nights, there are many smaller neighborhoods that offer safety and quiet living.


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