Disassembling cribs and sofas, phoning a few friends for more manpower, muscling out the washer and dryer, and spraining an ankle… sounds like a day of furniture moving!

Moving your furniture doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Our experts take all of the stress out of moving day. Imagine walking into your new space with all your furniture properly placed and put together. Our Las Vegas furniture moving companies stage properties, disassemble and reassemble, and move specialty items. Live out your turnkey moving dream after a quick chat with our friendly Vegas furniture movers!

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Furniture Moving In Las Vegas

Do you need to move or stage a home or office furniture?

Whether you need in-home, local, or cross-country furniture relocation, you can depend on our Nevada movers. They handle every variety of furniture, from gun safes to pool tables. Our experts don’t fear bulky, complicated, or antique furniture. Perhaps you need to rearrange, ship, or store your possessions.You can skip doing the backbreaking work yourself and focus on the bigger picture instead. Let our Las Vegas moving companies take care of you.

If you need to move your home or business, contact Cheap Movers Las Vegas. We will connect you with experienced and insured NV furniture moving companies. Your Las Vegas moving company will customize your local moving experience to suit your preferences and protect your wallet.

Local Furniture Moving In Las Vegas

Our full-service local furniture moves lift, load, unload, disassemble, reassemble, and rearrange. They arrive at your front door with all of the necessary equipment and expertise. Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions or express your concerns.

Interstate And Cross Country Furniture Moves

Our vetted Las Vegas furniture movers meet incredibly high standards. Seeing your whole life turned upside down with a relocation is stressful enough, so you must be able to depend on your long-distance furniture movers. Our network of experts will safeguard you, your home, and your furniture and make this big transition a seamless one.

Moving A Gun Safe

Preserving your home value while moving a hefty gun safe is challenging. Our experts know how to move gun safes without scratching up your home or other furniture. When you contact our NV moving companies, let them know the approximate weight or make and model of your gun safe, and they will come with the best tools to remove it!

Shipping A Single Piece Of Furniture

What if you only need to relocate one furniture item? You shouldn’t have to sell your precious belongings or deal with do-it-yourself truck rental. We will help you find the right Vegas furniture moving company that can pack and ship one piece of furniture or more!

Couches And Sofas

Everyone dreads getting their couch or sofa through the door, onto the truck, and into their new home. Our Las Vegas furniture movers have years of experience. They will break the couch down correctly and move it safely so you can sit back and relax on your first day in your new space!

Specialty Items

Can you move my pool table, treadmill, golf cart, and hot tub? YES, we can move it. We support you and your 98” TV and oversized luxury bed, and look forward to relocating them for you!

Office Furniture

Whether it’s your home office or your second home, bulky office furniture is tough to move. Your NV furniture moving company can handle large desks, sturdy filing cabinets, office tech, and more – without destroying doorways or falling downstairs. Time is money, and our Nevada furniture movers understand and respect that!

Antiques And Vintage Furniture Pieces

Your antique furniture pieces have value beyond money. Moving antique and vintage items is an impossible task without the right tools, but our experts have the experience to move your cherished belongings safely. Our furniture moving companies insure and protect your belongings with the guarantee they will arrive in their new home the same way they left their old one.


Say you’ve sold your home, but your new home won’t be ready for a few months, or maybe you are downsizing but plan to save your furniture for the future. Our vetted NV furniture moving companies provide temporary or long-term furniture storage options. That’s right – our pros can pack, protect, move, and store any furnishings you like.

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Trust Our Furniture Moving Companies To Get The Job Done

Moving furniture requires equipment that you might not conveniently have in your garage, like dollies, hand trucks, and straps! Of course, you also need the muscles and expertise to prevent bodily injury, home value loss, and furniture damage.

  • Tools and Equipment: What do you need to move your furniture securely? From ratchet straps to moving dollies, our movers bring the tools and equipment to protect you and your things and save you from a giant headache. If you’re thinking of investing the time and money into getting the equipment on your own, consider hiring our affordable furniture movers instead.
  • Protection for Your Home: Your Las Vegas furniture mover will go the extra mile to guard your home. You can expect them to pad your furniture correctly and cover your flooring with a protective barrier. We are serious about home safety.
  • Taking Apart and Disassembling Large Pieces: Office furniture, entertainment centers, sectionals, box springs… the list of furniture you’ll probably have to disassemble and reassemble goes on. Our furniture experts have seen countless brands and varieties and can navigate staircases, low ceilings, or any other potential complications at hand.
  • Padding and Wrapping Furniture: If you care about enjoying a low-stress, problem-free move, you might want our movers to pad and wrap your furniture. You won’t have to worry about digging out enough blankets or buying tape and bubble wrap. Our pros have quilted moving blankets and everything else you need for an easy relocation experience.
  • Delivery, Reassembly, and Arranging Furniture: The last thing you want after a near-impossible moving day is to walk into a new home that is a complete disaster! Before our Nevada furniture movers leave the scene, they can reassemble and rebuild anything you like. They can even rearrange your furniture however you choose – saving you days of further work.

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