Just beyond the glow of the strip, in the northeastern reaches of the Las Vegas metro, sits Nellis Air Force Base. At any given time, this is the home base for 11,000 Air Force military personnel, plus 14,000 of their family members. These military personnel and their families make great sacrifices for our country, including constantly moving between bases. It’s reported that military families move three times more often than civilian families, getting PCS orders every 2-3 years.

While moving is hard on anyone, the frequency of military moves is undoubtedly draining. But at Cheap Movers Las Vegas, we’re here to help. Our professional movers help military families complete PPM moves to and from Nellis Air Force Base. When you obtain PCS orders to relocate to a new base, you have options for moving!

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Military Residential Moving Services

We are so thankful to the members of our military who so dutifully and selflessly serve our country. We know that serving in the military means that you and your family are on the move nearly every 2 to 3 years, which is far more than the average American. At Cheap Movers Las Vegas, our movers provide long distance moving services to help you get from one base to the next when you receive your PCS orders. 

Under permanent change of station (PCS orders), servicemembers may choose to either have the government handle the logistics of their move, or complete a personally procured move (PPM). With a personally procured move, you can rent your own moving truck or hire a moving company of your choice. If you go the PPM route, you’ll get reimbursement up to the amount it would have cost for a government move. The best benefit of a PPM or DITY move is that you get the peace of mind of choosing your own mover. Cheap Movers Las Vegas has great discounts on moving services, so we can help you stick to your moving allowance!

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When you receive PCS orders, you must go to mandatory move counseling through your base’s transportation office. For convenience, counseling may also be completed online through the government’s move.mil web portal. Once you complete counseling, you’ll get the a-okay on your moving allowance, so you can be sure that you are fully reimbursed for any costs you incur moving. Then, you have the freedom to choose your own mover and get started on the relocation process.

No matter how far away your PCS orders take you, Cheap Movers Las Vegas lets you choose a trusted and dependable mover that can help you get there quicklyChoose your own moving company for your household goods move. For the best rates in the Las Vegas area, call Cheap Movers Las Vegas to schedule your move!

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