Whether you’re moving a piano to the other side of Vegas, to another part of Nevada, or across the country, you want to hire trained, professional piano movers to get the job done. Given their size and complexity, pianos require the utmost care when handling. Our network of piano movers in Las Vegas has the expertise and know-how to ensure your instrument stays safe throughout the relocation, so you can continue enjoying it for years to come. From spinets and consoles to majestic concert grands, find a team of trained, licensed and insured piano movers to handle your piano move!

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Las Vegas Piano Movers Cost

The average cost of Las Vegas piano movers is between $300 and $600. Several factors influence the final cost of hiring professional movers to transport your instrument, including:

  • Type of piano: The pros in our network can move everything from heirloom uprights to newly minted concert grands. Larger pianos are more cumbersome and more complicated, requiring more time, effort, and specialized equipment to move. Expect baby grand and grand pianos to cost an additional $100-$150 to move.
  • Age of the piano: Older vintage and antique pianos are more delicate and require more skill and expertise to disassemble and crate properly.
  • Stairs: If your move involves navigating stairs, your moving company may charge an additional fee for each set of stairs. Be sure to ask your mover about this or any other hidden fees that may add to the cost of moving your piano.
  • Required services: Does your piano require special crating, or do you need short- or long-term climate-controlled storage for your beloved instrument? Inquire about these and other add-on services as part of your piano move.
  • The distance of the move:Most local piano movers in Las Vegas, NV charge by the hour, taking between 2-3 hours or more to transport your instrument, depending on the complexity and size of the piano or organ. By contrast, most long-distance piano moving companies will factor in the mileage and weight of the piece when calculating your quote. Moves of longer distance will cost more.
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Piano Moving Services In Las Vegas & Henderson NV

Your piano might be one of the most expensive and precious items you own. It’s also likely one of the heaviest, most delicate, and most challenging things to move. That’s why you should only entrust your piano move to a licensed, insured piano moving company that knows how to do every step of the job correctly. You can trust our network of Vegas piano movers to provide the following piano moving services.

Piano Disassembly

Most upright pianos do not require disassembly before transport. However, if you plan to move a grand piano – whether a baby or a concert grand – it will need special care to disassemble the piece properly before moving. Trust disassembly to trained professionals who have the expertise to take apart the instrument, then wrap and pad all parts for safe transport.

Special Piano Moving Equipment

Most pianos weight between 300-1400 pounds. These large instruments are not only heavy but contain hundreds of delicate pieces that require special handling. Professional piano movers have the equipment, including piano boards, dollies, and weightlifting straps, to securely move these bulky and complex instruments.

Piano Storage

When it comes to short- or long-term storage of your beloved piece, it’s essential to find a storage solution that is both secure and climate-controlled for ultimate protection. Our network of piano of moving and storage companies offers temperature-controlled storage with surveillance to keep your instrument safely stowed away until you are ready for final delivery. Streamline your piano move with an all-in-one piano moving and storage service.

Local Piano Moving

It may not seem like a big undertaking to move your piano down the street or across town, but a local piano move still requires careful planning. Leave the logistics of your piano relocation to a team of trained Las Vegas piano movers, who have the knowledge and practice to move any piano – from spinets to grands – with ease.

Long Distance Piano Moving

Whether you’re moving a modern upright or an antique grand, a long-distance or cross-country piano move entails careful packing and protection of your instrument throughout the relocation process. Experienced interstate piano movers make the process of moving your piano to or from the Las Vegas area a breeze. Entrust these skilled experts with your piano move, for a straightforward relocation, from start to finish.

Piano Reassembly

To ensure your piano still produces beautiful melodies after the move, proper reassembly is critical. Piano movers have experience with every step of the reassembly process – from reattaching the legs and pedals to maneuvering it into position for a final tune-up. Your Las Vegas piano mover ensures your instrument carefully reassembled, so you can once again enjoy its wonderful tunes.

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