Relocating your entire company into a new office space is not an easy task, and it requires exceptional focus and effort from your whole team. How you and your staff members prepare for moving day will play a major role in how efficient and streamlined your entire move is. As one of the top commercial moving companies in Las Vegas, we put together the following steps to help reduce your stress on moving day.

Create a Checklist

There are many steps that you must complete before moving day arrives. The last thing that you may want is to find out at the last minute that you overlooked a critical step. This could cause you to feel stressed and force you to scramble to complete all necessary tasks. Well before moving day arrives, create a checklist outlining all the steps that you and your team need to take. Assign deadlines for each task.

Give Your Employees Clear Guidelines

You cannot feasibly pack up your entire office on your own. Your employees should be responsible for packing up their desk and any other work areas where they spend ample time in. You will need to provide clear guidelines regarding when this could be completed and how packed they need to be. For example, you should tell them if an IT professional will pack up their technological devices or if they are responsible for packing these items on their own.

Remove Unnecessary Items

When you relocate unnecessary items to your new office, you are wasting time and energy packing them. You are also wasting money paying your moving team to relocate them. When you get to your new office and start to unpack, these items may be in the way and cause delays. A smart idea is to identify items that are no longer needed or wanted. Donate these items to charity, or sell them for a profit if they are in good condition.

Call Service Providers

At least a few days before you relocate, you need to call your service providers to change service locations. This may include all your utilities providers as well as your Internet service provider, your phone company and more. You may set up service in your new office a day or two before you move in so that your team can begin working again as soon as possible.

Schedule Moving Service

At least a few weeks before you relocate, call a few moving companies in Las Vegas to get quotes. Pay attention to the cost of services as well as the reputation, licensing and insurance of each provider. These factors can help you to determine which company to hire for help on moving day.

You can see that you may take numerous steps to relocate into a new space before moving day arrives. Each of these steps can help you to be better prepared when the movers arrive, and they can also help to keep your entire team on track as well. It is never too early to plan for a move, so get started today.


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